What is Revival?

We hear a great deal about revival these days, but one has the feeling that many of
those who talk much about it really know very little about it. Let's make an attempt to
analyze just what is involved in revival:

I. What is Revival?
A. Not evangelism even though many may be saved as a result of it.

B. Not emotionalism although there may be emotional manifestations                     
  connected with it.

C. It is a renewal of spiritual life in an individual or among a group of people.

II. When is Revival Needed?

A. Whenever the love of God's people has waxed cold.

B. What are the symptoms of its need?

      1. Spiritual complacency.
      2. Lack of concern for the lost.
      3. Harboring of secret sin.
      4. Animosity toward other Christians.
      5. An unforgiving spirit.
      6. Worldliness.
      7. Growth of pride.
      8 Any condition of spiritual standing in which we are in a state less than
we                    formerly were.

C. Dangers in our need for revival.

      1. Deteriorating change often comes without awareness ( Imperceptible).

      2. Often the condition of our hearts is such that we are not aware of our
          need at the very time it is greatest.

      3. The flesh tends to fight revival.

III. How Can We Have One?

A. God is sovereign in its bestowal.

      1. Ultimately it comes when He wills it.

      2. There is no set pattern which will surely bring it.

      3. It is impossible to schedule a revival.

B. There are certain conditions to meet to bring about the kind of situations          
   into which God sends revival.

      1. Prayer- praying that God will send revival to His people and to His

      2. Facing of spiritual realities

              A. Facing ourselves for what we are.

              B. Facing the nature of God.

              C. Facing the true nature of sin.

      3. The confession of sin (to confess means to agree with God concerning

      4. Seeking of life on a higher plane than we have known it.

C. The problem of desire.

      1. Usually we don't want it badly enough to make a difference.

      2. God sometimes has to bring us to the end of ourselves before we desire
          to really know it.

Revival in not turned off and on like a water fountain, but there  are conditions
which we must meet if a sovereign God is to bestow Revival .

                                              Rev. Michael K. Mann
When Will Revival Come?