Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ the same,
yesterday, and today, and
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Ministerial Profile
Bishop Michael K. Mann

This is a brief summary of my years in ministry and my

I was born again on July 4th 1981 in a revival service in
Northwest Alabama and  shortly after was sanctified and
baptized with the Holy Ghost.
Served in the local church faithfully as a Sunday school
teacher, Sunday school superintendent, and
TYPE director later known as Family Training Hour director.
Served on the church pastors council, church clerk
and church secretary.
Began my preaching ministry in mid July 1982 with         
preaching Revivals and special meetings all over north
Alabama, then into Tennessee. Received Exhorter License
in October 1984, Served in the Ministerial
Internship Program at the Argo Church of God in 1985-1986.
Became a Licensed Minister in 1987 then
Ordained Minister in 1990 where I received
Certificate of Ordained Bishop in 2000.
Have served as Children's Pastor,
Youth Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Associate
Pastor, and Senior Pastor.
Served as Senior Pastor for over 18 years.
Served as District Youth Director, District
Evangelism Director, and Interim
District Overseer. Was elected for 2 terms as
General Secretary & Treasurer of the
Northwest Alabama Ministerial Association, Gospel Preacher
and Camp Meeting Speaker. I am serving the Church today
as an Evangelist, and Senior Pastor. I am a current member
of the Church of God General Council and have carried this
gospel in over 25 states and 2 countries. I currently reside
in North East Mississippi with my family, and serving in our
5th year as Pastor of the Mathiston Chuch of God.
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saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost Filled, Fire Baptised, saved sanctified Holy Ghost filled and fire baptized, born again, freed
from sin, free from sin, set free by the power of God, unshackled, liberated, washed in the blood, cleansed from sin, free
from defilement, my name is written in the lamb's book of life, justified, what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood
of Jesus, Whom the son sets free is free indeed. I am Free, I am washed, I am clean, I am ready for the rapture, I am
ready for the catching away. free from sin. no longer bound by sin, heaven bound, Trinity Pentecostal Church, Victory
Academy, 15th Avenue Church of God, Jasper Alabama, Rosalie Church of God, Rosalie, Alabama, Greenville Church
of God, Greenville, Alabama 36037, Robinwood Church of God, Tarrant, Alabama, Rock City Church of God, Winfield,
Alabama, Winfield Church of God, Winfield, Alabama 35594, Calvary Hill Church of God, Double Springs, Alabama
35553 Argo Church of God, Argo Alabama, Houston Church of God, Houston, Alabama, Kennedy Church of God,
Kennedy, Alabama, Cherry Hill Church of God, Haleyville, Alabama 35565, South Church of God, Red Level Alabama,  
First Assembly Of God Hamilton, Alabama, Greenville Assembly of God, Greenville Alabama, Birmingham Avenue
Church of God, Jasper Alabama,