Embracing our past......
Matthew 5:8
Blessed are the pure in
heart, for they shall see
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Fulfilling the Vision
Church History
house on the Tennessee-North Carolina border to a group of
closer fellowship with Christ. The year was 1886, and after years
of futile attempts of reforming their own churches started an
endeavor that has reached the world. This new group of people
with a united front began a mission to restore sound scriptural
doctrines and objectives to encourage a deeper consecration to
Christ and His service. Twenty one years after the formation of
the Christian Union the growing movement would establish
themselves permanently as the Church of God. From what
seemed to
be an insignificant movement has grown to
be one of the most influential worldwide
Pentecostal denominations. Presently the
Church of God is in nearly 150 countries
and has a worldwide membership of over
6 million. The Church of God has been a
distinctive movement focused on communicating the gospel of
Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Leaders of the
Church of God today are recognised as some of the most
respected Pentecostal leaders in the world. And we are excited to
be a part of this movement, and want to continue spreading the
gospel as did our forefathers. May God continue to bless the
Church of God as it moves into an uncertain future, and be
victorious in its endeavors.