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Leading Men and
to the Cross
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by Michael K. Mann
1 Corinthians 1:18  
For the preaching of the cross is
to them that perish foolishness;
but unto us which are saved it is
the power of God.
The views and opinions in the article's below do not necessarily reflect the
views and opinions of MKMANN Ministries.
Glory in the Cross!

Galatians 6:14

We all have things in life that make us proud, and many things that
we like to boast about, it never fails that we can in some way bring it
about in our conversation. It may be someone famous that you
know, or something that you can do. It may be something that you
have, or maybe that you once had, like a new car, a muscle car or
some antique. It may be a grand child.
In this text, the apostle Paul had one thing that he was very proud of.
It was not his heritage, nor his citizenship, nor his education,
although he had reason to be proud of these. I was not the
sacrifices that he had made in his life, nor how often that he
attended church. If any man had the right to be boastful for all the
things that he suffered, Paul could have, but instead he counted it
all for loss that he may bask in the excellency of Jesus Christ.
Paul chose to glory in the "Cross of Christ".
The fundamental duty of all Christians is to point men and women to
the Cross of Christ.

The Cross of Christ reveals Sin.
Our sins separated us from God, It Created a gap. The Cross is the
Bridge over that gap.
The Cross reminds us that Christ died for all the sins of humanity.
Thank God for the Cross that reconciles man back to God.

The Cross of Christ reveals God's Love.
The human mind cannot comprehend the length, nor the depth of
God's Love toward us.
God shared with us His Love through the sacrifice of His Son on the
Thank God for that precious emblem "The Cross of Christ!"

The Cross of Christ reveals to us the need to reach out.
We need to do more than talk about outreach, we should be about

Look to the Cross of Christ and live!

God Bless YOU!

M. Mann